Funeral Arrangements

Services made available by Binney Family Funerals

Whether you are making funeral arrangements for some time into the future or should you find yourself in the situation where you require our services more immediately, Binney Family Funerals provide a 24 hour on-call service to attend to your needs. We can attend to all of the necessary legal requirements and service arrangements on your behalf, relieving you and your family of any unnecessary stress or confusion at this important time.

Our goal is to make the process as simple and as worry-free as possible for you and your family.

Our services include:

  • Available all hours, 365 days a year
  • Trained staff to arrange funerals
  • Liaison with clergy and celebrants
  • Facilities and staff to effect movement from home or hospital to our registered premises at any hour day and night
  • Carrying out of all public health requirements
  • Advice and necessary completion of all aspects of funeral matters
  • Use of our private arrangement and conference facilities
  • Use of our private viewing facility
  • A wide selection of coffins and caskets to meet all personal requirements
  • Procurement of necessary burial certificate from doctor, coroner or hospital
  • Obtaining necessary cremation certificate and arranging statutory certificate from speciality qualified practitioner
  • Arranging with crematoria or cemetery for reservation of time and grave requirements
  • Preparing and inserting notices as agreed in press
  • Completion of death registration with government registrar, and arranging for one or more certified copies of the death certificate if required
  • Ordering and receiving floral tributes on behalf of family and suitably arranging at church or chapel
  • Displaying of floral tributes at cemetery or crematorium and collection of cards
  • Notifications to Centrelink, Veteran Affairs etc. regarding pension funeral benefit if applicable
  • Advice on matters regarding repatriation, social services, etc.
  • Funeral director with trained and courteous staff for constant attention during the funeral service
  • Provision of all specialist funeral vehicles
  • Full advice and guidance on all funeral matters, procedures and costs.

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